Our Thesis.

We are enthusiastic about empowering brands and fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among people.

Our impact

What we stand for

We help teams to cultivate a strong brand culture within the organization, which in turn helps to attract customers, retain employees, and increase brand loyalty.

By training employees to think and act as a brand, we help companies build a solid and consistent brand personality that resonates with customers and sets them apart from competitors.

Our focus is to help them understand the importance of their role in representing the brand, and how their actions and attitudes impact the brand’s reputation.

About us

We keep things simple

Founded by George Paratsokis our aim is to discover new business potential, enhance your Brand strategy and build efficient products and services.

By staying small, we stay agile, bonded by a shared passion for creativity that helps us communicate, think and act fast, and finesse ideas.

Focusing on the reason behind the brand and essence, our ambition is to create products and services which will outgrow the competition with their clarity and simplicity, purpose and performance.

Our approach

We make it Collaborative Authentic Remarkable Meaningful Bold

Our approach is centered on facilitating open and inclusive collaboration, which we believe is key to creating a successful and active brand.

We believe that empowering people to understand and represent the brand leads to a more consistent and coherent brand communication.

We dive in with insatiable curiosity before we create a product or a service for our client. In order to transform any business, we first aim to understand it.

We look forward to identify the impact of your brand, the why behind what you do and how you do it and then we give form to your Authenticity.

We fulfill a small piece of our vision every single day, step by step, project by project.
A static vision that has no daily impact on people’s lives, is just a wish.


To empower teams by fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among people.


To enhance open and inclusive collaboration that encourages diverse perspectives and ideas, leading to increased creativity and innovation.



To help companies build a brand-minded approach, by creating a supportive and inclusive work environment, we aim to improve employee activation, engagement and morale, as well as enhance the overall customer experience.


We are committed to helping companies achieve their brand-related goals and objectives. We are positive that a collaborative approach centered on continuous learning and growth can bring numerous benefits to a company and its employees, contributing to its overall success and competitiveness.

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Brands need to see themselves as a being and as a being they need to shape their relationships.
To achieve that, they need to know who they are, and whom they are looking for, and a clear sign that they can find them.

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Some sources of our contentInspiration

Marty Neumeier – The brand Gap
Chris Do – The Futur
Simon Sinek – Start with why
Keith Yamashita – Storytelling for leaders
John Grant – The Brand Innovation Manifesto
Jim Collins – Built to Last
Donald Miller – Building a Storybrand
Nikos Mourkogiannis – Purpose
Seth Godin – Work that matters for people who care
Peter Economidis – It is not about a Great Idea

We turn individual talent into team power.

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