Copywriting is the art and science of persuading people to act on your business’s behalf. Done well, copywriting can help you increase sales, cut costs and improve your reputation.


The most common use of copywriting is in advertising, but it’s also used in other marketing methods, such as direct mail, public relations campaigns and websites. Essentially, anything that involves communicating directly with customers can benefit from the persuasive power of good copywriting. Sometimes the difference between success and failure can be found in the quality of the words used.


Copywriting is a form of marketing writing that uses words and phrases to encourage people to take action. It’s sometimes referred to as creative marketing, commercial writing or ad-copy. The definition in simple terms is; the art of using words to influence people into taking a particular action in favour of a product or service.

Key benefits

Our copywriting services are geared towards one thing: Providing the copywriting you need to build your business. Now and in the future.


  • An extensive network of professional writers who are experts in their fields and whose writing is suitable for your market, company and customers
  • A rigorous selection process which ensures that we only work with the top 3% of writers who apply to be part of our pool
  • A diversified team of writers including business writers, academics, website content writers, SEO writers, PR writers and marketing copywriters
  •  Content writing that is optimized for your target audience, designed to attract new business and boost your revenue
  • Flexible pricing options to suit every budget – from short articles to full-length website copy. We can adapt to the level of service you require.

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