Brand Training PRO.

Unlock opportunities by providing to your team a clear understanding of the brand’s fundamentals.

The Mindset

From image to impact

We create a sense of unity and shared mission among employees. When they understand and feel connected to the brand, they are more motivated to perform well and deliver their best work.

Our approach is centered on empowering teams to find the essence of a brand, understand its values and translate it into compelling and meaningful experiences.

Training your team to think and act as a brand, build a solid and consistent brand personality which in turn helps to attract customers, retain employees, and increase brand loyalty.

The Workshop

Section 1

Meet the Customer

Applying Design Thinking, learn to develop services that create value and boost customer loyalty by addressing their needs, problems and desires.

Section 2

Define the Brand

Build a brand from scratch on its unique value proposition, mission, impact and differentiation factors. Set up Brand’s Archetype, Personality and tone of Voice.

Section 3

Telling its Story

Learn how storytelling works, create stories that resonate with people, and motivate them towards action and change. 

Section 4

Deconstruct competition

Deep-dive into competitors’ online branding initiatives to uncover trends and opportunities, define and evaluate competitive advantage.

Applies to

Marketing, Sales, HR departments or across company, to everyone who communicates with customers and stakeholders. The predefined scope of the program it might be External Communication eg. Marketing, Internal Communication eg. Employer Branding or Product branding.

Learning objectives

To be familiar with brand management tools and terms
To understand and be able to describe the target audience
To define and be able to communicate the brand
To create a corporate narrative that allows the audience to connect with it
To study the communication strategy of competitors
To plan and execute actions aligned with brand values
To create solid creative briefs for communication agencies

Option 1

The Brand Game

1 day

8 hours

4 Sections

Up to 5 participants

Option 2

Brand Academy

4 days

24 hours

5 Sections

Up to 10 participants

Option 3


2 days

16 hours

5 Sections

Up to 50 participants

The training

Focus on your productImpact

By training your team on brand fundamentals, you can create a sense of shared ownership and pride, and ensure that the brand is consistently and effectively represented from the inside out.

Our training program can provide your team with the Brand management tools and skills necessary to help you grow the brand and unlock new opportunities within the organization.

Building a brand from scratch can help stimulate your creative abilities and encourage your team to think outside the box, understanding customers connection, leading to more innovative and effective branding solutions.

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Reasons Why

The benefits of Brand Training

Increased engagement

Employees who are involved in the brand building process are more likely to feel a sense of ownership and be more engaged in the company’s mission and goals.

Improved brand consistency

When employees understand the brand and its values, they are better equipped to represent the brand in their day-to-day interactions with customers and stakeholders.

Better decision-making

Employees on the front lines of a business have a unique perspective on customer needs and preferences, which can inform brand-building decisions and help ensure the brand resonates with its target audience.

Employee retention

When employees feel that they are a valued part of the brand, they are more likely to stay with the company and be proud to be a part of its success.

Improved brand reputation

Companies with engaged employees who understand and live the brand are likely to have a better reputation, as employees are often ambassadors for the brand in their personal and professional networks.

The Roadmap

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